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Direct to the root

Backbone infrastructure is the core of high-capacity Internet connections and high network availability. That is why Openfactory operates its own backbones with the AS numbers 58299 and 41666.

Our locations in Switzerland include: Private datacenters (not carrier neutral)

  • Frauenfeld
  • Glattfelden
  • Kloten Marktgasse

Neutral datacenters

  • Attinghausen
    • Deltalis DK2
  • Avenches
    • Safehost3 (in setup)
  • Basel
    • IWB
    • Swisscom Grosspeter
  • Gstaad
    • Mount10 (in setup)
  • Winterthur
    • AXA Winterthur
  • Zurich
    • InterXion Sägereistrasse
    • Letzigraben (layer one)
    • Colo Züri
    • Equinix Hardturmstrasse
    • e-Shelter (Rümlang)

Lightning fast

Our infrastructure allows 1000mbit on copper, 100-10000Mbit on fiber and our routers are ready for 100GBit line-cards.

Peer with us

We are pursuing an open peering policy and can be found on the peeringdb.

Peering locations


  • SwissIX (up)
  • NL-ix (up)


  • Basel Grosspeter
  • Colo Züri
  • InterXion Sägereistrasse

Our range

Our ring in Switzerland uses the triangle Zurich, Basel, Bern and continues to various datacenters.